Bringing Om to Carl Schurz Park, Outdoor Yoga in New York City!


     Being stuck inside all day in the office and surrounded by technology, stress, and deadlines depletes our Prana -life force.  Take advantage of nature near you and participate in an al fresco yoga class at Carl Schurz Park on the Upper East Side!  A picturesque park with flowers, lush landscapes, and sweeping river views, Carl Schurz is the perfect spot to unite mind, body, and soul with a revitalizing, transformative yoga class.


     Yoga was originally performed outdoors in it's native country of India, with the purpose of uniting us with nature.  Being surrounded by nature awakens your senses, enhances your focus and concentration, and helps you to reconnect to your true-self.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the actual sun while doing Sun Salutations, feeling the breeze on your face while practicing Tree Pose, and grounding with the Earth while being barefoot.  It is a very therapeutic and healing experience, that leaves you feeling recharged and alive.  The aroma of flowers and fresh air helps you to stay present and improves your conscious breathing, guiding you to become more mindful.  What a unique way to appreciate the world around you from upside down under the open sky!  Forgot to bring a mat?  You can utilize nature's yoga mat - soft, green grass!  


It is a nurturing practice, which will strengthen your body, profoundly calm your mind, and nourish your spirit.  You will feel as though you took a mini-vacation outside of Manhattan!

Carl Schurz Park is our personal yoga studio, where the sun is our light, the breeze is our air conditioning, and the trees are our doors.  Click the link below to see the calendar of Yoga out of Doors classes!