Yoga - Anywhere and Everywhere!

Unsure of where to practice yoga?  Yoga can be done anywhere!  Whether you are buried in paperwork at the office or find yourself on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, all you need to begin is yourself and one breath at a time...

Connecting and surrendering to nature.

Connecting and surrendering to nature.




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BLA BLA outdoors

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I encourage my students to open their hearts and surrender in order to move towards a feeling of oneness.  






   "Seeing clear blue sky,

      Feeling grass with my feet...

      Surrounded by trees,

      Sun gently touches my skin...

      For what else could you wish?

      I am grateful,

            Today is bliss..."

By doing yoga outdoors you deepen your connection with the Earth.  It is so calming to  see the sun and hear the music of the waves while practicing your sun salutations under the blue sky.